What is BodyTalk?

Most of us think that they know what is really happening in our body. Most of us think that we know the real causes of uncomfortable psychosomatic symptoms that bother us. However, we forget that by focusing on symptoms and conscious thoughts about our health, we only touch the tip of the iceberg, and the rest are invisible to us, hiding deep in our subconscious.

The real causes of physical and psychological symptoms may be hidden much deeper than you think and you may not have access to them.

During BodyTalk, we discover them together because we talk with your innate wisdom, which knows all the factors and influences that have led to internal imbalances and emotional discomfort. During BodyTalk, we neutralize negative memories, energetic blockages and limiting beliefs that keep you away from full health.

How is BodyTalk session?

During BodyTalk session I tune in to the frequency of the patient’s body and mind.
I use applied kinesiology tools and your neuromuscular feedback allows me to receive information about existing blockages and weakened or damaged energy circuits in your body. I strengthen internal communication in the body again by using modern techniques of energetic balances and tapping of the three brains. I synchronize and balance cells, organs, endocrine glands, biological systems and body parts, which reconnection is priority for you to achieve internal balance.

Each BodyTalk session is precisely created by your body intelligence and gives the right conditions to stimulate the forces of self-regulation and regeneration, thus helping in effective recovery and reaching health.

Who is BodyTalk for?

BodyTalk sessions can be used for preventive purposes to reduce physical and emotional stress accumulated in the body, protecting it against possible psychosomatic resulting
from a lack of homeostasis.

BodyTalk is also an effective method to deal with chronic diseases, inexplicable symptoms and immune disorders, for which modern medicine has no cure.

For many people, regular BodyTalk sessions are becoming a way for self-improvement and self-development. BodyTalk is therefore a tool to raise our own consciousness by neutralizing the rigid structures of our mind and at the same time creating new, positive spaces, allowing us to be more flexible, neutral and grounded in the changing process of life.

BodyTalk is energy medicine of the future – created for you by your own body intelligence.

Effects and benefits of BodyTalk

  • Each BodyTalk session is a releasing and transforming experience.
  • Its goal is to achieve a feeling of lightness, relief and relaxation, and above all, grounding and internal balance.
  • BodyTalk considers the person as a whole, with an individual life story and with a set of physical, emotional and environmental influences.
  • Holistic Bodytalk approach allows you to discover the true causes of psychosomatic diseases or symptoms and effectively helps to treat:

anxiety, tensions associated with everyday stress, chronic fatigue, headaches / migraines, muscle tension / injuries, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, physical discomfort / pain, emotional traumas, fears / phobias, food allergies / intolerances, weakening of the immune system / autoimmune diseases.

In-person, online, and audio sessions