Distance BodyTalk session

BodyTalk works with consciousness that penetrates everything and creates all reality. This technique is based on the principles of ubiquitous energy and that all is connected in the universe, which we are also part of. Thanks to this, the therapist can tune in to a person’s unique frequencies regardless of distance. Distance does not have the slightest impact on the effective reading of priorities arising from the patient’s internal wisdom. The therapist uses his body to perform energetic balancing techniques, focusing all his attention and intention on the person for whom the session is conducted, and thus influences his energy, stimulating beneficial changes in his consciousness.

BodyTalk remote sessions are just as effective as traditional balances, enabling each person to undergo individual therapy in their own home. This type of solution is a good alternative for people traveling or having a busy schedule, preventing direct contact with the therapist.

BodyTalk remote sessions can take two forms:

  • online via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp, during which the therapist instructs and helps a person perform balancing energy techniques


  • audio recording sent by a therapist, which gives the opportunity to go through the session at convenient time

See what the online sessions look like, watch the video