About me

My name is Dominika Ustowska. I am the only certified BodyTalk therapist in Poland.

I also work as a masseuse, combining eastern and western techniques of working with the body and mind.

I tried many therapies, including energy psychology processes that changed me and my life. This wealth of knowledge and personal experience taught me how to effectively and attentively accompany and help every one of my patients in their own healing process and changing of their consciousness.

I graduated from Psychosomatic Regeneration at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, learning relaxation techniques, visualization and manual therapies such as massage, reflexology and acupressure.

I continued my education in Spain, studying sport massage and myofascial release. I have also started working with energy in the Reiki and Pranic Healing System.

I have made many trips to the East to explore the secrets of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

I am the only certified BodyTalk therapist in Poland.

I worked in renowned spas and wellness centers in Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. For several years, I have run my own clinic Inner Wisdom Therapies, where I mainly used BodyTalk (WholeHealth Care System) – body and mind balancing techniques. I travel between Spain, Belgium and Poland, where I am becoming an assistant of transformation for hundreds of people using this innovative healing method.

During BodyTalk, I use not only innovative energy techniques, but also the entire reservoir of knowledge that I have gained over the years. BodyTalk is a system that encourages reaching the creative, out of the box solutions that effectively help the body return to full health. BodyTalk’s truly holistic approach allows me to effectively accompany each of my patients in the process of self-healing, regeneration and internal balance.

In-person, online, and audio sessions