At Inner Wisdom Therapies, I base my therapeutic approach on cooperation with each individual’s internal body wisdom. I assume that activating this intelligence releases forces that restore the body’s potential to reach balance and health.

At Inner Wisdom Therapies, I accompany and I support each of my patients in their independent healing process, believing in the unlimited potential of self-regulating and regenerative forces that lie dormant in the body’s intelligence. I believe in the inseparability of body and mind, their constant interaction, as well as the huge impact of psychological processes on our biology. That is why my goal is to work with an individual’s consciousness. I neutralize limiting beliefs, emotions and thoughts. I help connect with the natural internal harmony and the feeling of peace.

For Inner Wisdom Therapies, health is not just a result of external circumstances or a series of events. It is primarily a consequence of internal, daily decisions and choices.

I will help restoring the connection to the internal force. I encourage taking individual responsibility for one’s own health. All this is possible thanks to activating positive changes in emotions, thoughts and habits that support each of my patients on the path to well-being and vitality.

In-person, online, and audio sessions